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ZerOne Innovation (Theare are 19 Products)

TK 130
2 Channel 5Volt Relay Module
TK 590
NodeMCU ESP8266 Expansion Base Board Module
TK 590
Arduino Nano Expansion board module
TK 1650
শক্তি | Shakti | Mini UPS For Wi-fi Router and UNO
TK 7500
RFID Card Verification System | পরীক্ষাকারী | RFID Scanner | RFID Reader
TK 2250
PAHARADAR 24hr Home Security.
TK 490
Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker_Hand Made
TK 9500
ZerOne Biometric Attendance System
TK 52500
Disinfection Tunnel/Booth.
TK 6800
Disinfection Tunnel Automation Box.
TK 3950
Series Parallel Circuit Trainer Board
TK 9500
Variable & Fixed DC Power Supply._(0V DC to 220V DC, 5A)
TK 55500
DC Motor and Generator Set
TK 28500
DC Shunt Motor and Generator.
TK 275000
Basic Motor & Generator Training System
TK 25000
Basic & Power Electronics Training System
TK 22500
VI Characteristics Trainer Board of SCR,MOSFET,IGBT
TK 12500
All in One Arduino & Node MCU Based Microcontroller Trainer Board.
TK 55000
PLC Trainer Board.