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ZerOne Innovation (Theare are 32 Products)

TK 130
2 Channel 5Volt Relay Module
TK 590
NodeMCU ESP8266 Expansion Base Board Module
TK 730
Arduino Nano Expansion board module
TK 16500
Disinfection Single Smart Spray Stand
TK 1650
শক্তি | Shakti | Mini UPS For Wi-fi Router and UNO
TK 7500
RFID Card Verification System | পরীক্ষাকারী | RFID Scanner | RFID Reader
TK 2250
PAHARADAR 24hr Home Security.
TK 490
Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker_Hand Made
TK 9500
ZerOne Biometric Attendance System
TK 52500
Disinfection Tunnel/Booth.
TK 6800
Disinfection Tunnel Automation Box.
TK 0
Name: Basic Motor & Generator Training System_Table Top Type.
TK 2950
Encoder Decoder Digital Trainer Board Module_DM-07
TK 2950
Multiplexer Demultiplexer Digital Trainer Module_DM-06
TK 2950
Flip-Flop,RS,JK,T,D,Flip-Flop Digital Trainer Module._DM-05
TK 2950
Half-Subtractor Full-Subtractor_Trainer Board Module_DM-04
TK 2950
Half-Adder Full-Adder Logic Trainer Board Module_DM-03
TK 2950
This is the exclusive Logic Gate X-OR and X-NOR Gate trainer Kit.Used this trainer Kit can be practical Exclusive Logic Gate XOR and XNOR Gate & observed that truth table.
TK 2950
Basic Logic gate Trainer Board Module_DM-01
TK 29500
This is the Digital Logic Trainer Board.Through this logic trainer board,the practical experiment of all the logic system,logic gate of digital electronics can be done very easily.
TK 29500
Universal Electronics Training System-Trainer Board_Trainer Kit_ZT-UTS2104
TK 24500
Digital Logic Training System_Trainer Board_Trainer Kit_ZT-DTS2103
TK 22500
Analog & Digital Trainer Board_Trainer Kit_ZT-ADT2102
TK 4850
Series Parallel Circuit Trainer Board
TK 12500
Variable & Fixed DC Power Supply._(0V DC to 220V DC, 5A)
TK 55500
DC Motor and Generator Set
TK 28500
DC Shunt Motor and Generator.
TK 275000
Basic Motor & Generator Training System
TK 29500
This is the Basic and Power Electronics Lab Trainer Board.use this Trainer Board,a student can easily do the various experiment of basic and power electronics.
TK 22500
Basic and Power Electronics Training System_Trainer Board_Trainer Kit._ZT-BPT2101
BDT 14220 ৳ 15800 Tk
Arduino,Node MCU,Microcontroller IoT Trainer Board for students to increase skills.Student will be able to perform electronics,robotics,Arduino,microcontroller,IoT experiment.
TK 55000
PLC Trainer Board.