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Tools & Measuring Instruments (Theare are 68 Products)

TK 90
1.2mm PCB Drill Bit 10pcs
TK 80
0.8mm PCB Drill Bit 10pcs
TK 80
0.6mm PCB Drill Bit 10pcs
TK 120
1/16" Drill Bit 10pcs
TK 120
6Inch Star Screw Driver__XPART_PH2X150mm
TK 95
4Inch Star Screw Driver_SOLID
TK 95
4Inch Star Screw Driver__MPT_MHA01001-PH1x100
TK 680
MultiPurpose Precision Screwdriver Set_53-in-1_8921
TK 80
INGCO Electric Tester_Pencil Voltage Tester
TK 80
Solderless Bread Board 400 Contacts
TK 80
Stainless steel curved tweezer_MR-15
TK 580
Anti Cutter Knife 61X19 mm Utility Knife Tolsen
TK 2250
TOTAL Mini Drill/Grinder 130W with 100pcs Accessories TG501032
TK 1650
Cordless Electric Screwdriver Set Drill Machine With 24 Accessories Tolsen Tools
TK 920
Mini PCB Drill Set_Heavy Good Quality Adapter
TK 140
Screwdriver Set_31 in 1
TK 780
Third Hand Soldering Stand With Magnifier
TK 140
Drill Shaft Chuck
TK 210
Magnifying Glass
TK 280
Wire Stripper with Cutter
TK 220
Drill Shaft Chuck 0.5-3mm 6 Set
TK 850
Mini PCB Drill Set
TK 100
Anti Cutter Knife(18mm)
TK 45
Mini Bread Board 8.5CM x 5.5CM 400 holes
TK 180
Long Nose Pliers _FUJI MOTO
BDT 123.5 ৳ 130 Tk
Solderless Bread Board
TK 220
Electric Glue Gun
TK 250
125 MM Cutting Pliers
BDT 1852.5 ৳ 1950 Tk
SUNSHINE DT-19N Digital Multimeter Profession for Mobile Repair is a wonderful can be used for servicing like mobile servicing,laptop/desktop servicing,TV servicing etc.
BDT 2327.5 ৳ 2450 Tk
Sunshine DT-17N digital Multimeter is a stable performance,high precision,reliability battery-driven automatic digital multimeter,high pressure alarm and overload protection.
BDT 218.5 ৳ 230 Tk
Digital MultiMeter DT-830D
TK 3250
This is the good quality auto-ranging multimeter will test AC and DC voltage and current as well as capacitance, resistance, frequency.
TK 2850
Sanwa YX360TRF Analog Multimeter
BDT 331.8 ৳ 420 Tk
Sunma Analog Multimeter_YX-360TR
TK 950
UT33B+ Multi-Functional Digital Multi-Meter
TK 1050
UT33C+ Multi-Functional Digital Multimeter
TK 32500
Analog Oscilloscope Twintex TOS-2020CH
TK 34500
Portable Digital Storage Oscilloscope_Twintex 1202C+
TK 29500
UNI-T UTD2102CEX+ 100Mhz 2-Channel Digital Oscilloscope_1GS/S Digital Storage Oscilloscope.
TK 39500
Analog Oscilloscope LODESATAR MOS-620CH 20MHz DUAL Channel
TK 2400
DSO138 - Oscilloscope Module Kit - 200 Mhz
TK 41500
GWInstek GDS-1102-U 100MHz,2CH Digital Storage Oscilloscope,Good Will Instrument Co.Ltd was the first professional manufacturer in Taiwan in electrical test & measurement instruments.
TK 380
Digital Clamp Meter MT87_Best Quality
TK 2950
Digital Clamp Meter UNI-T UT203+
TK 15500
Function Generator Twintex TFG-2206 6Mhz
TK 15500
JUNCTEK JDS6600 Signal Generator Digital Control Dual-channel Arbitrary waveform generator.
TK 17500
Victor VC2002 Function Generator
TK 21500
UNI-T UTG9005C function Generator/Arbitrary Waveform Generator.
TK 18500
Signal Generator UTG9002C 2 MHz-UNIT
TK 1250
Function Signal Generator Module_XR2206
TK 18500
Lutron DW 6163 Digital Watt Meter
TK 2650
Lux Meter Victor_VC1010D
TK 3950
Digital Lux Meter_HOLDPEAK HP-881D
TK 3950
Digital Lux Meter_UNIT-UT382
TK 4450
Digital Lux Meter_SINKYO WT81
TK 3450
Lux Meter MS-6610
TK 1750
Lux Meter Sinometer LX1010B
TK 2020
Digital Photo Tachometer_Lutron DT-2234B
TK 2450
Non-Contact Tachometer UNI-T UT373
TK 10500
Vehicle Digital Battery Tester Ba1000_12V,24V with Printer.
TK 8500
Earth Resistance Tester Meter_ Ground Resistance Tester_20Ω-2000Ω
TK 5950
Total Laser Distance Detector-TMT56016
TK 3950
LCR meter UNI-T UT603
TK 1930
Digital Tachometer_DT2234C+_Non Contact
TK 29500
Digital Tachometer Lutron DT2236B
TK 2850
Lutron DT2236B Tachometer
BDT 3752.5 ৳ 3950 Tk
UNI-T LM100 Laser Distance Mete.লেজার মিটারটি আপনাকে যেকোনো জায়গা থেকে দাঁড়িয়ে ১০০ মিটার দূর পর্যন্ত দূরত্ব/দৈর্ঘ্য,ক্ষেত্রফল, কোন এবং আয়তন পরিমাপ করতে পারবেন খুবই সহজে ।
TK 9500
Digital LCR Meter_Lutron_Taiwan