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CNC & 3D Spares (Theare are 38 Products)

TK 0
GT2 Closed Loop Rubber Timing Belt 610mm Long 6mm Width.
TK 270
GT2 10mm Width Timing Belt 1 Meter PU Rubber Synchronous Open Loop Belt.
TK 380
30 Teeth 5mm Bore GT2 Aluminum Timing Pulley for 6mm Belt.
TK 130
Hex coupler 6mm bore
TK 150
Hex Coupler 30*4mm
TK 120
Motor Coupling Shaft Coupler 3 mm to 5 mm Brass
TK 210
5 to 8 mm Solid Aluminum Coupler
TK 850
8mm Lead Screw rod - 600 mm
TK 110
12mm SS Linear shaft road for CNC
TK 190
T8 Lead Screw Nut Flange Brass Nut Lead 8mm Pitch 2mm for CNC and 3D Printers
TK 12
M5 Drop-in T-Nut for T-Slot V-Slot 2020 2040 2060 2080 Aluminum Profiles
TK 280
Linear Bearing LM12UU for 12mm Shaft
TK 0
8mm Linear Screw Thread Rod Length 300 mm/12inch Stainless -1 Pcs
TK 130
5 mm Linear Shaft Rod Length 300 mm / 12inch Stainless -1 Pcs
TK 520
Linear Rail Shaft Rod 8Mm Length 600mm-1pcs
TK 375
LM8UU Linear Bearing
TK 1500
Blood Glucose Monitor Device Kit
TK 245
Bevel Gear 8MM Hole Model Gear 90 Degree Transmission Steering 20 Teeth
TK 219
FLEXIBLE 5-8mm Aluminum Flexible Coupler Joint.
TK 195
FLEXIBLE 5-5mm Aluminum Flexible Coupler Joint.
TK 99
Hex 4mm Motor Shaft Coupler_DC Motor Connector for Wheel
TK 350
8mm Bore Shaft 60 Teeth Big Size Aluminum GT2 Timing Pulley
TK 125
Aluminum GT2 Timing Pulley 20 Tooth 5mm Bore For 6mm Belt
TK 390
Linear Shaft 8 Mm Rods_CNC Linear Rail Shaft-1 Pcs-16inch/406mm
TK 270
Aluminum Linear Motion Ball Bearing Slide Bushing For CNC_SC8UU 8mm
TK 165
Aluminum GT2 Timing Pully 20 Tooth 8mm*16mm
TK 380
Aluminum GT2 Timing Pulley 40 Tooth 5mm*28mm
TK 45
Motor Pulley Balancing Timing Belt_Open Loop_GT-2 6mm-1Ft
TK 110
Motor Pulley Balancing Timing Belt_Closed Loop_GT-2 6mm x 200mm
TK 130
Timing Belt Motor Pulley 5mm Hex GT2 3D
TK 20
BO Motor Encoder Disc
TK 20
Plastic Gear Blue Motor Shaft 2.3Mm Shaft
TK 110
Hex Wheel Hub Adaptor 12mm for 5mm shaft
TK 290
CNC Shield V3 For Arduino
TK 2.8
PLA Filament 1.75 mm Orange-Per Gram.
TK 3.5
PLA Filament 1.75 mm Red-Per Gram.
TK 3.5
Sky Blue PLA+ Filament 1.75 mm-Per Gram.
TK 3.5
PLA Filament 1.75 mm White-Per Gram.