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Analyser/Others Meter(Theare are 37 Products)

Tk. 0
Portable Power Factor Meter- ST-2000 ( SEW )
Tk. 0
Digital Power Analyzer - Lutron-DW-6090A
Tk. 0
Digital DC Voltmeter (Banch Top)-MCP
Tk. 1350
Analog Galvanometer for Laboratory Use in Bangladesh,Measuring Range: -300 ~ 300uA, 3 Working Pole, Black Body and white monitor suitable for experimental used.
Tk. 5200
UT261B is a contact type phase sequence and non-contact motor rotation indicator with LED missing phase indication.
Tk. 350
Non-Contact Voltage Detector Electric Voltage NCV Tester Pen.
Tk. 5200
VICI VC60B+ Digital Insulation Resistance Tester.
Tk. 18500
Analog Earth Resistance Tester._ZC2931
Tk. 39500
Sew ST-2000Cos Portable Power Factor Meter.
Tk. 280
Bicycle Speedometer/RPM Meter Cycle Speed Meter
Tk. 3700
UNI-T UT320D Mini Contact Type Thermometer
Tk. 6300
Digital Thermocouple 4 Channel Temperature Meter_AS887 Smart Sensor.
Tk. 32500
Synchroscope Meter F96-SM 220V Pulse Type panel LED generator Synchroscope Meter.
Tk. 13000
Smart Sensor AR4105B Earth Resistance Tester.
Tk. 3000
Product details of VICTOR VC850A 3 Phase Sequence Rotation Indicator Tester 200~480V Checker Meter LED+Buzzer VC850A.
Tk. 5200
SMART Sensor AR907+ Good Quality 1000v Digital Insulation Resistance Tester Meter Voltage meter Megger Test Meter
Tk. 5200
Uni-T Digital Megger Meter Insulation Tester UT501A
Tk. 12500
Analog Insulation Testing Meggar.